Oil & Gas

Asia General Trading LLC with many years experience in the oil industry Worldwide Procurement Services has relationships with renowned manufacturers, major mills and suppliers in different countries and is able to supply equipment to the correct specification, on time and within budget.
Having extensive facilities and experienced experts at its disposal, Asia General Trading LLC is fully familiar with the regulations of international trade and transportation, banking and customs affairs, and supplies equipment needed by customers as soon as possible with a competitive price through continuous planning and pursuing.

The following list provides typical examples of the type of equipment we are asked to supply:
Valves, Actuators, Regulators


Hose Fittings

Pipe Fittings and Flanges

Pipe and Tubular Products

Separators and Filters

Gauges and Meters

Pipeline accessories


Cranes and lifting equipment

Marine Services

Steel Plates

Safety Equipment

Personal Safety Equipment

Fiberglass piping  (flanges, pipes)

Coatings, resins, paints

Turbine & Compressors

Lighting and Electrical Products

HVAC Equipment

Subsea Pipes & Fittings

Non Corrosive Fittings

Stainless Steel Fittings

Stainless Steel Pipe

Hazardous Area EQP

ATEX Equipment

Non Sparking Tools

Mastics Sealants

Pipeline Adhesives




Asia General Trading LLC has a long-term experience of production and supplying of agricultural equipment. Due to this great experience, we have the ability to cooperate with our customers in all related matters.
Using modern technologies and an experienced team, we have constructed and installed pelleting lines almost everywhere especially in Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

We offer our customers modern extruders to produce all kinds of fish feed. Using this machine, you can have floating or sinking feed, make it for fish easier to feed and more economical.
We are proud to supply and market a variety of enzymes, including food additives in the food industry and a variety of detergents, for customers all over the world, with a greater focus in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).
We strive to provide customers with high quality and reliable equipment in the development, engineering, installation and servicing of chemical & pharmaceutical industries, feed & food industries and related industries.
Providing raw materials, devices and technologies required by companies is done according to customer needs and demands. An extensive range of products and strategic partnership agreements ensure a ready supply of needed materials.

Chemical & Biological Additives

Asia General Trading LLC began distributing medical as well as food and industrial enzymes and has since established itself as a strategic, reliable, and dominant link in the microorganisms, biopharmaceutical ingredients, and specialty industrial enzymes supply chains. We are also experts in providing raw materials to the pharmaceutical industry, excipients, and flavor and fragrance markets.
We partner with companies across the world to establish and maintain strong relationships that allow us to source the highest quality enzymes available.

At the forefront of technological innovation within the enzyme industry is where we flourish. Our company applies cutting-edge sourcing strategies to your supply chain as an extension of your business. Whether your enzyme needs are for commodities or rare specialties, Asia Instruments will be able to provide you with the best possible solution.
We make it easy for our customers to know that their order is being handled properly at every step of the distribution process. It is our privilege to use our long-standing chemical and raw material expertise to provide honest, valuable business to customers and suppliers alike.


Asia General Trading LLC tends to specialize in certain commodities, for example, in oil and/or gas, steel or in such soft commodities such as grains, vegetable oils and oilseeds, rice, coffee, sugar, ethanol, cotton or paper pulp and paper. We buy physical commodities and transform them into customized, consumable products that meet the requirements of our customers through our logistics and transportation services, our processing and blending capabilities or our price risk management and hedging services.

The more the trader manages the logistics in purchasing further upstream and selling further downstream, the more he can obtain a competitive advantage. Our most valuable assets are our network of relationships with our producers and consumer customers and our people who provide value-added services to our customers and clients.